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WIOO membership agreement

WIOO is a nonproift organization whose mission is to create a common thread that unites women at all levels of the olive oil industry, bringing about positive global change in the areas of health & nutrition, education, environmental and agricultural practices, fair trade and gender equality.

The membership is open to any women, of any country, whose job or life is related to olive oil, in any aspect (production, sales, promotion, education, research, tasting, etc). It gives you access to our special content for members, and to be part of a community of experts, intern projects 

Before we finish our registration process, this membership will be free of cost for a limited time. After that, you´ll be contact to confirm your membership by paying an anual fee, in order to cover the basic costs of the organization and to develop the programs we define for our four pillars: Nourishment, Integrity, Connection and Knowledge.

In order to maintain a safe and productive environment for our work together, we ask that you please review the WIOO Code of Conduct and indicate your agreement by clicking below.


I will:


  1. Uphold the Mission and Vision of WIOO — (see About Us).

  2. Promote and teach fact-based information on topics related to olive oil. 

  3. Fully refrain from personal promotion, be it individual or business.

  4. Communicate in advance with the Director of International Relations when speaking with the media or print publications regarding WIOO.

  5. Follow the WIOO Brand and Logo guidelines, available in the members area.

  6. Prioritize our common pillars: Integrity, Nourishment, Connection and Knowledge

  7. Ensure a safe environment for all:

  • Respect all cultural, ethnic, and religious beliefs and experiences

  • Work towards positive solutions to achieve our common goals

  • Provide ongoing and consistent communications to the Executive Committee

  • Accept that conflict resolution will be guided first by the regional, national, or headquarter office of WIOO 


I agree with the WIOO Code of Conduct and will work to uphold these values. I also confirm that I´m part of the olive oil industry.

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