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A few words from our founder, Jill Myers


Jan 30, 2022

Jill Myers, WIOO founder and CEO, reflects on the emergence of Women In Olive Oil as we navigate the challenges of the moment. Exciting times are ahead for this global network for change.

A few words from our founder, Jill Myers…

Greetings to you from Charlottesville, Virginia. The past year has been a beautiful journey—connecting with so many of you from around the world. The epidemic continues to create challenges for all of us, but we have made the most of this complex moment in history and come together to make a difference through the common passion of olive oil. Over the last eight months, the Executive Committee has continued to build and organize our structure and finish important documents. It’s imperative to build this incredible organization, made up of each of you, on solid ground. I know at times some of this behind-the-scenes work may seem slow and some of it is truly tedious! I am eternally grateful for a team of women who believe in what we are doing and who tirelessly strive to create an organization that will enrich the lives of WIOO and represent your voices. Our Communications Team and our Department of Programs and Education have some great events planned for you starting in March! Please get involved so that we can get to know each other. I truly believe we will make a huge impact if we listen and help and offer support. There is room for each of you to contribute to the advancement of our movement, Women In Olive Oil. We look forward to the time when we can meet face to face for casual gatherings, educational talks, and networking. But that won´t be happening soon enough, so we will continue our virtual connection for now. Much love and hugs to each of you beautiful women! Jill W. Myers"Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time." Ruth Bader Ginsberg

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