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Two pioneering teams working hard


Jan 20, 2022

Two national teams took the initiative and organized successful meetings for the women of their region. Check out the fantastic work from Greece and Brazil, and how they created a strong community.

By WIOO Team (Feb. 22)

Brazil is a consolidated market in the world of olive oil, but as a producing country its history is very recent. The women of Brazil have shown extraordinary interest in our movement. Ana Beloto and Glenda Haas joined Women in Olive Oil (WIOO) as representatives from Brazil in May 2020. At first, they gathered 8 other women in olive oil from different fields and regions (Ana Tassia, Carla Retucci, Carolina Zambon, Cristina Vicentin, Cristina Azevedo, Edna Bertoncini, Luciane Gomes and Paula Becker) to understand what was necessary for WIOO Brazil to begin organizing and take action. ​ From their group synergy, a 6-minute video was created to call on the women of Brazil to join in. Soon thereafter, a series of 8 webinars—each with approximately 60 women in attendance—was launched. They also created a very active WhatsApp group with more than 150 women from Latin America and other Portuguese/Spanish-speaking countries. ​ Following a short break for harvest (they are harvesting right now in that country), this amazing team is planning more online activities for 2021.

On another continent, Marilena Karadima, the country coordinator for Greece, explained to us her strategy to bring together the women of one of the most traditional producers in the world. ​ "A movement that started into the web should stay, grow and thrive online! In Greece, we created a small and flexible team with women from different parts of the country and different scientific backgrounds. Our first challenge was to approach new members and organize activities. Soon we realized the digital opportunities that we had! Οur laptops became our main tools, the web our assistant, and social media our voice! ​ We started with an ice-breaking gathering where we shared our experiences. Then, we had an actual warm up with “Pilates for olive harvest.” After, the hardcore education started with the “Farm to Bottle” circle of webinars. Distinguished professionals and scientists were happy to donate their time and provide knowledge to WIOO. ​ We continue organizing webinars with scientists and professionals from different faculties, and write articles published in online media. We also address open letters to local and national authorities on critical issues that directly affect our sector. Alliances are also a priority. We get connected with other non-profits, institutes, universities, and olive oil journals. We are touched by the interest that they show to our initiative and their good will to support us" ​ WIOO is proud and excited to have such enthusiasm and professionalism as part of our global movement. We look forward to reporting on further developments in Brazil and Greece, as well as what is happening in our other member countries.

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