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Podcast Jill about WIOO

Jill Myer

Jill’s Biography includes many accolades:

A Certified Sommelier and Ambassador of Olive Oil from the International Culinary Center, NYC with specialized training in MEDITERRANEAN FOOD and DIET. (UOA)
Oldways Culinaria Ambassador-Rediscover Goodness in Cultural Food Traditions.
A Consultant and Educator on Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Educator for the Mediterranean Diet RoundTable.
Slow Food Liaison to the National Board for Piedmont, Virginia (2020)
Founder and CEO of Women In Olive Oil™️
In this episode we talk about Jill’s early encounters with Olive Oil, and the reasons why Jill started the Women In Olive Oil (a Non-Governmental Organisation) initiative.

Podcast Jill about WIOO
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