Shira-ae with EVOO

By Yoko Moriyama

Origin: Japan

"Ae-mono" is a kind of salad with seasonings which called "Ae-goromo".

We have some ae-goromo, one of use Tofu (white) and white sesame called "Shira-ae".

I make "Shuta-ae" with Tofu and EVOO.


- 250 - 300g tofu

- 100g spinach

- 100g carrot

- 1.5 tbsp soy sauce

- 1.5 tbsp sugar

- 1.5 tbsp EVOO


1. Take off some water from tofu, so wrap the tofu with a paper towel and put a small dish or something as weight on the tofu, leave it in 30 minutes.

2. Cut carrot into thin slice and boil them. Boil spinach and drain them well, cut into a bite-size. Let both vegetables cool down.

3. Mix sugar, soy sauce and EVOO in a bawl and add the drained tofu. Mix them very well to become like a paste.

4. Add the spinach and carrot and mix them.

5. Serve them on a plate.

About the author: Yoko is from Yokohama (Japan). She's a sommelier of olive oil and she also organizes some lessons and events in Japan since 2009. She also travels a lot to visit groves in different places, so she can tell people not only about evoo, but also the stories of producers and backgrounds of the land.

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